Kangaroo Valley Experience

Just under 1 hour from Sussex Inlet the experience of visiting Kangaroo Valley is inspiring.

The invigorative and recuperative powers of the valley are generated by the rich green pastures, the sparkling creeks and rivers and the lush rainforest, all guarded by the magnificent escarpments which enclose our world. Throw into the mix an incredible variety of native flora and fauna, no traffic lights, a friendly community that make you welcome in their home town and the scene is nothing short of exhilarating.

Perfect for a nature escape, holiday destination or romantic country wedding.
Kangaroo Valley is described by many as “The most beautiful valley in Australia”. Certainly we think it deserves a higher ranking as one of the most beautiful valleys in the world.

The Kangaroo Valley Tourist Association is proud to announce that it has commenced a programme to reduce its Green House Gas Emissions. We believe that Australia’s unique wildlife and plants, and its ancient geology, are at the very heart of our nation’s tourism experience. As stewards of Kangaroo Valley we feel passionately about protecting our local fauna and flora which is why we have taken this initiative now.

Kangaroo Valley is an amazing amphitheatre of high sandstone escarpments enclosing a lush river valley provide a rich and diverse environment that rewards the explorer. Much of Kangaroo Valley falls within the boundaries of Morton National Park, one of the largest parks in NSW and visitors will be rewarded with many choices from rugged bush walks and river based activities to scenic drives and idyllic picnic spots.