Picnic at Hanging Rock Lookout – Nowra


A simple 30 minute drive to Nowra, you’ll find Hanging Rock lookout located at the end of Junction Street with fine views over the Shoalhaven River this well-known landmark is 46 metres above the river.
Hanging Rock Lookout has been a prominent landmark of Nowra since the town was established. It is 46.25 metres above the river and offers spectacular views of the Shoalhaven and the town of Nowra.
The precariously positioned overhanging rock formation with views across the Shoalhaven River can best be seen from the Bens Walk walking track. Site facilities include a car park and toilets.

Scenic Drive, Nowra

Ben’s Walk to Hanging Rock Lookout
Bens Walk commences at the Showground. Enjoy superb views of the river and the golf course. Views of the mountains can be seen from vantage points along the way. The area surrounding Bens Walk provides a habitat for a variety of birds. The complete track provides a leisurely return walk of about 5.5 kilometres taking around two hours. A short return walk from the footbridge to the Showground and Hanging Rock takes around 10 minutes. A suspension bridge has been constructed to provide a loop walk on both sides of the creek and to give access to Depot Farm Reserve and its picnic area.