Sussex Inlet Viking Festival
Visit a Viking Village September 26 -27th, 2020

Looking for a holiday steeped in history?

Get yourself down to the Viking Festival in Sussex Inlet for a celebration of Scandinavian Viking heritage!
Sussex Inlet Viking Festival celebrates the settlement of the area by Jacob Ellmoos and his family who migrated to the beautiful location from a small village in Denmark.
The Viking festival combines the importance of the local Aboriginal community who are sharing cultural experiences and foods throughout the festival.
Celebrating the 140th Anniversary of settlement the festival showcases local businesses, Viking village and camp with tents, fire pit, cooking demonstrations, Viking games, armoured combat, knattleikr (Viking Football) wrestling, crafts, amusements, and kids activities.

History of Sussex Inlet & Ellmoos estate settlement begins with seaman Jacob Ellmoos at the age of 15, in 1878.
He left his ship in Port Adelaide and walked over 1,000 miles to the South Head Signal Station, Watsons Bay, in Sydney, then a fishing village. Acquiring a boat he sailed south, fishing the coastal waters making his base at Cape St George lighthouse at Jervis Bay. On a fishing trip in November 1880, he crossed the bar at the entrance of Sussex Inlet finding fertile fishing grounds and un-spoilt beauty and was granted a selection of 1200 acres of land on the northern bank of the inlet.
Today, the Christian’s Minde complex remains and sits on the east bank of the inlet. This heritage-listed property is set on 11 acres of grounds in Jervis Bay Territory. Erected in 1896, Christian’s Minde was the first guest house on the south coast between Sydney and Eden, and today retains the old-world atmosphere from its heyday in the 1920s.

Date: September 26 & 27 2020
Location: WestBank Sussex Inlet
Tickets: from $15 each TICKET PRICES
Accommodation: Stay at our place of course!

Festivities will be centered on the west bank of the waterway called Sussex Inlet, with Christian’s Minde in full view on the east bank.

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